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Spend some time with Melissa

Melissa is one of the Independent Escorts advertising her unique profile on Escortsbook . She wants you to join her as she wears various items of clothing for you and as she removes them for you of course. She’s got some pretty little minidresses, some nice full panties and some tiny thongs, her school uniform. She wears tights for you , and stockings and suspenders, thigh socks and ankle socks, and of course she loves to play with her toys while you watch.

Wouldn’t you like to spend some time with Melissa? Call our London Escorts portal for bookings!!

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What are the requirements

In theory anyone can do porn. The primary requirement to do porn obviously is to be of legal age and open mined. However, the better your looks and your performance are, the more chances you will have to be involved with the industry. It is much easier for women to get involved with the industry, but that is not to say men can not be just as successful.
Men that are interested in shooting for porn studios should have a good stamina and be able to start and stop and climax on command regardless of the partners looks.

Also, size does matter in this industry and as a minimum guys should be at least 6 inches. However, for guys who are comfortable with doing amateur porn or are planning to do private shoots, can get away with much less in size, stamina or looks for that matter.
How to get involved

Basically, there are several ways to be in the porn industry. You have an option to approach individual studios with your CV, but as an amateur you may not be even able to get an audition.

You can also advertise on online websites which are in most cases free or very cheap.

Unfortunately there is a risk when getting involved with producers you do not know of not getting paid and there may also be health and safety issues to consider.

But if you are serious about adult film work and you are available for regular work, then you should think about working with an agent.

Some agencies are free to join, but they will take commission out of your earnings and some agents charge a yearly joining fee for the profile promotion, but you will receive more offers then advertising yourself on your own.

The benefits of joining an agency are safety – regular sexual health checks provided, checks are done on the background and legitimacy of production companies, studios are regulated in regards to health and safety

An agent will guarantee that you will be always paid agreed price.

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If you have already made a decision about becoming an escort, then these few useful  tips will help you on your way to becoming a great escort. Now, shall we get started…

Make Your Own Rules

Before you do anything, you need to decide what kind of escort service you want to provide. Do you want to be booked by men, women, or couples?

Will you be only doing social events or sporting events such as tennis and golf or are you willing to go further.  It is very important to be clear on what you are willing to do, before you get started.

Think about what level of intimacy, if any, you are willing to offer.

If you accept a booking to accompany someone to an event, there is a possibility that you’ll be propositioned for a house or a hotel visit – so be prepared. Being clear on your rules in advance. This will help you spend time with clients in a way that you both find satisfying.
You are becoming your own boss and like any professional person, you will find that there are a lot of escorts out there competing for business alongside you. Do not let that tempt you into offering your time for less than it is worth. Always stick with the agreed price for your time.

Have respect for your customers

People from all backgrounds hire escorts for all sorts of occasions. Your role is to offer them good, non-judgemental companionship and put them at ease.

Let the client decide what social event they want to see or which restaurant they want to go to. Best way to gain regular clientele is if you treat them with up most respect and make them feel like a star.

Treating your clients respectfully is the best way to earn a reputation as a reliable, honest, well mannered professional escort and earn you regular bookings at the same time.

No means No

Of course there are risks to being an escort, but remember – knowing that there are risks does not mean you have to accept bad behaviour from your clients. No matter how much they are paying you, do not be afraid to say no to offers of drinks, drugs, or anything else that you are not willing to do.

Get the right attitude

Being a successful escort means spending time with a variety of people without making a personal commitment to any of them. As much as you are enjoying time with your client, never let feelings get in a way of your professionalism.

Should you start developing feelings towards the client the best thing you can do is not to see them again, as this will not lead you to become a successful escort.

The key is not to let feelings get in a way! The same goes for your clients.

Your Safety

Think about ways of keeping yourself safe. It is always best to be discreet when working as an escort, for your own sake and your clients, so it is in no way advisable to share your experiences with clients on social medias etc. Still, there are ethical ways to market yourself and your escorting activities without to much risk involved.

The best way to avoid risk is to promote your details with an agent.

This way you are guaranteed that all the clients you are seeing have been checked and your agent will promote your details only with the type of people you want to see and for type of bookings you are willing to do.


Once you have covered all of the above; you are ready to get started. And that begins with creating a strong profile.

Depending on how much time you have available, you should decide on how to go about promoting your details.

If you are looking for an odd booking here and there, best way is to advertise on free or low cost online websites. But if you are serious about escorting and you are available for regular weekly bookings, then you should think about working with an agent.

Here at Red Light Entertainment successful escorts are taking on as many as 5 bookings per week.


If you have other commitments and can only see clients on certain days make sure you are clear with your agent about your availability. However, if you want to really make money, it is best to be as flexible as possible. Your clients are likely to work different hours and have various commitments, so that means being available at different times.

Be well presented

Like anyone embarking on a business venture, you have got to spend money to make money. Spend some cash on yourself; it pays to pay attention to your appearance. You do not need to be a model … but respect your body, get your hair and nails done and invest in clothes you feel confident in that flatter your body shape.


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